cant figure how to make a pole So.

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cant figure how to make a pole So. Empty cant figure how to make a pole So.

Post  Konrad1 on Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:26 pm

Here goes no pole just yes and no's or other options.

First if you look under the tunic's section the one marked under my post as fighting garb raven any opposed or out of those ravens there anyone wish to see a diffrent one for the fighting garb and by this i mean the Team fighting garb ones i thought about silk screening them onto tunic's for a team IE 5 man or 10 man's or hell 15 mans if we get enough G's again

second for the Shield one its marked under mine as well anyone think yes or have other options ?

then we have court garb and just regular fighting tunics for everyday battle i think this gets crazy and i know thats alot but i think in the long run haveing the diffrent ones for diffrent reason will make a huge difference, make us more unique .

then again we could just choose ONE raven to represent them all

we need to get the thoughts on this together soon so we canh be ready for september event.

Konrad .


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cant figure how to make a pole So. Empty Re: cant figure how to make a pole So.

Post  Erewen on Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:23 pm

Looking thru the differnt ravens...The raven Konrad posted for the shields is great, and the red and black that is the first one posted is a really cool design. I think it has a tribal apperance, but is very useable. I don't like the egyptian eye at all for company use. The pic that Thorge posted for tatoos is really tough, I think those could be used for silk screening, or at least the outline for other mediums. The bottom black and white raven in Konrads list cool, and it doesn't have to have the knottwork in side.

As for preping for Boarder Lands, having uniform tunics for feild use would be top on my list. I think we all have some form of co. court garb even if it is not uniform. The different garb for different uses is a great way to stand out, but that can come with time. Like for IK tunics, for Knoblander uniform court garb, and tabards when we can...something along that manner.

I hope that helps a little at least.

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